Info Lowongan Pekerjaan Pertambangan Terbaru April 2015, PT Petrosea Tbk; 8 positions

Info Lowongan Pekerjaan Pertambangan Terbaru April 2015, PT Petrosea Tbk; 8 positions

PT Petrosea Tbk. is a multi-disciplinary mining, infrastructure and oil & gas services Company with a track record of achievement in Indonesia since 1972. Drawing on rich and varied years of experience throughout the Indonesian archipelago, Petrosea is now recognized as one of Indonesias leading contractors.
We offer a competitive advantage through our ability to provide complete pit-to-port mining solutions, supported by integrated engineering and construction capabilities and logistic support, whilst demonstrating absolute commitment to health, safety & environment, quality management, and ethically code of business conduct. We also provide services for the oil and gas industry in Indonesia through our Petrosea Offshore Supply Base (POSB) deep-water supply base that consistently delivers international standard and cost-effective services to all of our clients. Together with its holding company, PT Indika Energy Tbk., Petrosea is able to provide complete business solutions in the energy supply chain.
We are currently taking applicants for the following position:
(Assignment: Site)

Execute, monitor and control the construction activities of the project in order to ensure that it is completed on time and to the total satisfaction of the client whilst achieving tender profit margins and meeting the safety and quality expectations of the company.

1. Willing to Work extended hours to ensure project completion on time.
2. Min. 5 years previous working experience in constructions project in a supervisory or similar capacity.
3. Computer literate. including working knowledge of drawings systems
4. Knowledge of building codes.
5. Ability to understand and interpret construction drawings and documents.
6. Ability to maintain accurate and details records
7. Organizational, and supervisory skills
8. Analytical, reasoning and problem solving skills


1. Review inspection reports, drawing, and plans.
2. Design complex structures and reviews the designs of other engineers to assure specified engineering requirements
3. Inspects and evaluates location survey data to assure that conditions, existing structures and underground facilities on the site are fully disclosed and accounted for in drawings and resulting plans.
4. Reviews calculations for projects, clearance, drainage requirements, span length, stresses and reinforcement demands
5. Analyzes data, comparing against specified and computed values, and suggesting changes and improvements where needed.
6. Provide assistance to budget personnel in preparing cost estimates.
7. Investigates casualties or failure of structures. Documents findings and recommends solutions to problems and/ or procedures to prevent re-occurance.
8. Follow and implement HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.
9. Acts as liaison with clients assuring satisfaction with progress and quality.
10. Informs higher management of business opportunities and problems which may impact on the companys business
11. Analyzes assigned tasks to determine estimates of man-hours and material needed for completion.
12. Provides technical support and technical guidance to associate engineers and personnel.
13. Recommend type and material for structures.

(Assignment: Site Based)

Direct, monitor and control the construction activities of a project in order to ensure that it is completed on time 
and to the total satisfaction of the client whilst achieving tender profit margins and meeting the safety and quality expectations of the company.

1. Willing to Work extended hours to ensure project completion on time.
2. Min. 10 years previous experiences in construction
3. Computer literate, including knowledge of computerized architectural data bases and/or CAD drawing systems.
4. Organizational, supervisory and negotiating skills.
5. Analytical, reasoning and problem solving skills.
6. Ability to maintain accurate and detail records.


1. Plan and monitor the works through a detailed level III programme and accurately record actual progress against the critical path activities to ensure that programme and reported progress position are consistently accurate.
2. Direct, control and monitor the implementation of management strategy in the construction activities in order to optimizes companys position on the project within the terms of the contract.
3. Control, monitor and liaise with the financial management of the project to ensure targeted profitability is achieved and potential for profitability is maximised.
4. Lead, manage and coordinate Construction Engineers and Superintendents in control of all labour and plant resources in order to achieve the construction schedule and the project safety and quality requirements on the site.
5. Develop and maintain relationship with the client to ensure that the project is undertaken in a cooperative manner.
6. Coordinate and liaise with Project Manager in representing the company in all meetings and matters pertaining to the contract with respect to the client and any third party to ensure all matters discussed are meet the best solution.
7. Develop, support and liaise with Project Control team with the project programming, weekly progress assessment and reporting function to ensure all report and assessment are accurate in timely manner
8. Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.

(Assignment: Jakarta)

Establish administrative controls on budget and control cost/expenditure status, prepare forecasting process in regular basis and provide various dimensions of the project budget into different breakdown budget structures to enable functional managers in making cost effective decisions/transactions in order to achieve project budget goals and secure company profitability.

1. Min. Bachelor degree in Engineering.
2. Min. 3 years working experiences, in related area.
3. Required to review all project cost items such as purchase orders, labour, material charges, work orders, scope changes, and invoices.
4. Good communication skill with the project team to keep aware of potential changes.


1. Responsible to set up Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for controlling and reporting in accordance with company standard. The WBS will be reviewed and approved by Project Services Manager and Project Manager.
2. Responsible to have and maintain appropriate administrative controls in place, daily and monthly in accordance with company procedures from award to completion, using the right data collected from all departments at site and off site.
3. Responsible to prepare, review and approve the cost report for the Project Monthly Report in accordance with reporting deadlines.
4. Assist the Project Manager in accurately forecasting cost and resources to ensure project margins are met.
5. Detect and report discrepancies, defaults or non-conformities in the Project Cost Forecast or records to the Project Manager as soon as they become known.
6. Responsible to prepare Monthly Progress Claims and to ensure the subsequent invoice is submitted and payment received within the payment terms of the contract.
7. Responsible to check that the cost codes on each Material Requisition (MR ) are correct also check that the remaining budget for the cost code is sufficient to cover proposal purchase, ascertaining purchase order (PO) has been cover proposed costs are considered to be committed and refer to the budget.
8. Extracts Commitments from the group procurement and sub-contracting systems.
9. Extracts Incurred Costs (actuals and accruals) from the group accounting aystems.
10. Continually monitor all commitments and expenditures on a real-time basis.
11. Responsible to review and confirm that Subcontractor invoices are as per contract terms & conditions for the further payment process.
12. Responsible to clarify regarding the payment status with Subcontractor.
13. Prepare cost report for Client Weekly and Monthly Report in accordance with Client requirement.

(Assignment: Site)

To help the Division Quality Manager and/or Project Quality Manager to manage details tasks of QA/QC function within projects and/or corporate (division level), including vendor and site coordination and inspections.

1. Min. Bachelor degree, preferably in engineering
2. Min. 5 years previous experience in QA/QC construction project
3. In the case of small to medium sized projects, the Senior QA/QC Engineer shall be required to act as the Quality Manager
4. Good knowledge on Quality Management Tools (e.g. TQM, QCC, SPC, Balance Scorecard, etc.) and disseminate through Project Quality Management System.


1. Prepare, review and issue project specific documentation such as method statement and
2. Provide quality input and/or problem resolution to discipline engineers during design and procurement phases or construction supervisors during field construction phase
3. Review the quality system of new vendors/ subcontractors and/or conduct the assessment of vendors performance and then prepares/updates the record of Assessed Vendors List (AVL)
4. Develop, test and qualify the project welding specifications including welders/welding operators qualification
5. Liaise and coordinate with third party, NDT company, Testing laboratory and Government authority inspector as applicable
6. Responsible for the traceability of materials by ensuring all records such as material certificates, equipment calibration, inspection and testing etc. raised during phases of procurement, manufacturing, construction/ installation and commissioning are available, complete and correct
7. Prepare the index of Manufacturers Data Reports (MDRs) when the fabrication of permanent structures or pipe spools etc are performed by the Company.
8. Establish equipment/gauges register and maintain valid calibration records of inspection, measuring and testing equipment. Remind the Construction Manager if the equipment used on the project is due for calibration
9. Coordinate overseas vendors inspection and review inspection reports raised by the surveillance inspection companies.
10. Perform document review issued by vendors/ subcontractors
11. Review Inspection Report, monitor the progress and clear-up any problem/ outstanding items

(Assignment: Site)

Monitor and coordinate rigging and scaffolding daily activities to ensure rigger and scaffolder work are performed in a technically correct and efficient manner, conform with companys standard and policies.

1. Min. high school degree.
2. Min. 3 years experiences as a Rigging & Scaffolding Foreman in plant/process environment or similar capacity.
3. BP Migas certified and Basic Rigging certified would be an advantage.
4. Knowledge in various rigging, lifting, and scaffolding techniques.
5. Proactive safety attitude.


1. Plan and supervise of the activities of The Rigger and Scaffolder, including preparation of tools and consumables require to establish and maintain the project.
2. Responsible in maintain and repair rigging and scaffolding system in Site /Project.
3. Check and examine all rigging and scaffolding equipment location and economizing by using test equipment standard and observe its function.
4. Conduct formal annual performance review all direct reports, identifying strengths and weaknesses, training needs and agreeing upon goals for the future.
5. Provide ongoing coaching, mentoring and performance counselling as required for all direct reports.
6. Prepare and submit reporting required.
7. Communicate and Monitor safety procedures implementation in work environment and process in order to maintain safety awareness at all times and adhere to Petrosea guidelines and regulations in this respect.
8. Review and analyse of failure to plant, monitor degradation and report pending equipment failure for compilation into backlog.

(Assignment: Site)

Monitor and supervise site rigging/scaffolding activities to ensure rigging/scaffolding activities are conducted in a safe and timely manner conform with best possible quality of work.

1. Min. High School Degree.
2. Min. 4 years experiences as a Rigging & Scaffolding Supervisor.
3. Good analytical and supervisory skill.
4. Knowledge in various rigging, lifting, and scaffolding techniques.
5. Proactive safety attitude.


1. Assist Construction Manager with the development of a work schedule including manage scaffolding materials, equipment, tools and manpower.
2. Supervise Rigging/Scaffolding Foremen activities to ensure work is technically correct and performed in a safe and cost effective manner.
3. Develop JSAs with effective hazard controls such that work progresses without incident.
4. Proactively identify defects and register them via work requests in order to have an appropriate and prompt action.
5. Lead site rigging/scaffolding teams in their work and manage them safely.
6. Maintaining and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.
7. Communicate and monitor safety procedures implementation in work environment and process in order to maintain safety awareness at all times and adhere to Petrosea guidelines and regulations in this respect.
8. Check and correct problems that are not immediately evident in existing systems or process.
9. Plan, schedule, execute and evaluate the day to day objectives based on planning.

(Assignment: Jakarta)

To prepare detailed cost estimates in which the Company can have confidence, all in accordance with Company procedures and accepted good practices for the industry, actively assist the Estimating Team to continually enhance estimating procedures and processes.

1. Min. Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.
2. Min. 5 years working experiences, with min. 2 years as an estimator; preferably has experience in material handling works.
3. Computer literacy, preferably can use MS Project, AutoCAD, Primavera, Tecla, and Helix.
4. Strong background in technical aspect of project site supervision, technical standard, method of work, calculation, and preferably also in design work.
5. May require to be rotated as a Project Engineer on site once Company can secure the project.
6. May require acting as a Lead Estimator and/or Bid Manager.
7. May require travelling for site visits as well as occasional short term assignments to work in other Company offices, partners offices, etc.


1. Prepare estimates in PETS format in accordance with companys procedures.
2. Prepare and maintain electronic and hardcopy tender files in accordance with Company procedures.
3. Prepare or arrange detailed MTOs (quantity take-off) from tender documentation.
4. Do site visit and prepare detailed report of existing local conditions, available facilities and technical capabilities.
5. Ensure the estimate is built up methodically, in sufficient detail and is in accordance with good estimating practice. Sufficient explanatory notes are to be included referring the location of supplementary information.
6. Ensure that a comprehensive Subcontract Enquiry Package is sent only to Company Approved Subcontractors for any “major subcontract” work. Terms and conditions of the Subcontract Package must be back to back with the head contract. Comprehensive Subcontract Enquiry Packages to be reviewed by all functional departments.
7. Ensure Subcontractor responses are properly evaluated and the results tabulated on a Subcontractor Bid Evaluation spreadsheet.
8. Ensure by working closely with the Lead Estimator, that the Indirect Cost Estimate is properly prepared and cost.
9. Identify (with the Bid Manager and Lead Estimator) the “big ticket” items in the estimate and proactively works on these with the bid team with a value added outcome as the aim.
10. Assist designated planner in the preparation of the construction schedule, providing man hours and plant requirement for each activity and also indicating anticipated durations and minimum manning.
11. Participate with the Lead Estimator and other discipline estimators in benchmarking productivities to be applied to the estimate against recognized industry norms. The productivity uplift/discount shall be shown separately for each bill item in the estimate.
12. Assist the Lead Estimator and Bid Manager in the identification, evaluation and ranking of risks as well as developing a strategy to manage and mitigate the risks to Company. R&O Matrix is to serve as the basis for estimating an appropriate contingency allowance for inclusion in the cost estimate.
13. Ensure the estimate basis is “current cost” by utilizing the labour and staff rates prepared by the Estimating Manager and all material prices are from current quotations.
14. Present the cost estimate for review by the Lead Estimator in detail prior to review of the tender by management.
15. Assist Bid Manager with the preparation of a list of commercial and technical clarifications and qualifications to the proposal.
16. Assist Bid Manager in completing clients pricing and technical tender schedules.
17. Carry out peer review of estimated compiled by other estimators and or divisions, checking for completeness, pricing accuracy and adequate manning and plant requirements, when requested.
18. Responsible for continually maintaining and updating the database of estimating norms including feedback from past projects in Division Estimating and Norms Manual. From time to time work as a Bid Manager.

(Assignment: Site)

Conduct ocular inspections of proposed plant site to plan the optimum design of proposed construction.

1. Min Diploma Degree in Engineering.
2. Min. 2 years experiences as a surveyor.
3. Able to operate survey equipment.
4. May be required to work flexible hours to suit Project requirements.
5. Good communication skills.
6. Willing to be placed in all project location.


1. Collect and develop survey data and maintain database to ensure the accordance with the set of standard procedures and systems.
2. Conduct field surveys in good time and accurately determine quantities necessary for the submission of monthly progress claims.
3. Collect accurate daily survey and download data into the computer to ensure data are interpreted accurately by the Survey draftsman.
4. Coordinate and liaise with engineering & constructions team to ensure that construction designs are being properly implemented in the field.
5. Use and maintain survey software in order to ensure efficiency in survey activities.
6. Coach and mentor Survey Assistant and provide them with skills in order to collect the survey pick-ups in the absence of a Surveyor.

Please send detailed resume including recent photograph, to show your interest for this position in email to in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb, not later than 26 April 2015.
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